Friday, March 24, 2017

PC Bag quilt pattern

Today I started on a new bag - a practical bag/purse for travelling.  Maybe I manage to finish it tomorrow.  Then I have to start writing on the pattern - in Norwegian and in English language.  That's a big job, because it's not so easy to illustrate and describe it so the sewer can understand what to do.  So maybe some times during Sunday/Monday the pattern will be published.

I consider to translate some older patterns of bags and purses - first of all this PC Bag.  It fits a Laptop measuring 17".  I sew three.  The bright and the black are sold years ago, but the red one I use when I travel.  It matches my red suitcase.

So check out Scandinavian Quilt Pattern during the Week End if you are interested in bying this e-pattern.

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